Making insurance companies honor their end of the agreement

When you purchase insurance, you are making payments to the insurance company in exchange for its promise that it will pay for damage to what you insured. Unfortunately, insurers realized long ago that they can increase their profits by underpaying if you file a claim, dragging their feet in the hope that you will simply pay for the damage yourself, or denying the claim outright even when it is covered under your insurance policy. The result is that when you file a claim, even though you have held up your end of the bargain by paying insurance premiums, the insurance company will not make good on its promise of providing prompt, fair payment to you. This unfairness happens all too often. Don’t let your insurance company think it can take advantage of you. The attorneys at McGehee ☆ Chang, Barnes have experience forcing insurance companies to hold up their end of the agreement, and have experience pursuing bad faith claims against insurance companies that treat their clients unfairly.

Here are some common insurance claims that an insurance company might try to improperly limit, deny, or undervalue:

  • Homeowners Insurance Claims
  • Hurricane or Tornado Claims
  • Commercial Insurance or Business/Company Insurance Claims
  • Wildfire or other Natural Disaster Claims

Please call the attorneys at McGehee ☆ Chang, Barnes if you feel your insurance company is trying to underpay your claim or has denied the claim outright. Let us take up the fight so you can go on with your life.